International conference “Legno archeologico imbibito. Diagnosi, primo intervento e conservazione

Mailand (via de Amicis 11, Mailand)

International conference 'Soaked archaeological wood. Diagnosis, first intervention and conservation'.

Wood from archaeological excavations that has been stored under conditions of constant imbibition for a long period of time exhibits unique decay characteristics that are only rarely found in other wooden artefacts. For example, the effects of bacterial attack rarely occur in wood that has been stored in a predominantly dry, or even only humid, climate. This circumstance also has repercussions in all the phases concerning the preservation of the material, from the management during excavation to the approach and preservation of the artefacts, which in fact requires products and techniques not normally used for dry wood. This occasion will be a refresher course for archaeologists, diagnosticians, restorers and conservators who are responsible for the short and long-term conservation of imbibed wood artefacts discovered through archaeological excavation.


- Excavation management. First intervention, temporary storage and securing of wooden artefacts.

- Diagnostic and characterisation methodologies of wood. Diagnosis as a tool for identifying the conservation strategy for the artefacts.

- Conservation. Preliminary operations, treatments for material and artefact stabilisation; in situ conservation.

- Evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention.

- Musealization, storage and programmed maintenance: management and criticalities emerged after treatment.


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