Movies and clips

You find here movies and clips around the pile dwellings and the world heritage

UNESCO World Heritage

Movie series about the world heritage site of the pile dwellings from the swiss UNESCO commission (german)

UNESCO World Heritage - animated clip from the austrian UNESCO commission (english)

Serial Site

"Les Lacustres" - 5-part series on the pile dwelling sites in the radio broadcast "histoire vivante" of the Swiss broadcaster RTS (in french)

Xiphia on tour - project by NMB and ArchaeoConcept

the clips were realized by Benoit Dietrich


Shortclip about the pile dwelling site of "Litzelstetten Krähenhorn" (Lake of Constance) (german)

Die Pfahlbauer von Pfyn - movie project from Swiss Television (german)

Weltkulturerbe unter Wasser - Die Pfahlbauten von der Roseninsel (BR Mediathek) (german)

Ehrenstein - Building a stone age house