Les sites préhistoriques sont situés sur la péninsule dans le lac. Ce site naturellement protégé était même parfois une île complèt © O. Braasch / LAD

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The site is located on a peninsula in Upper Swabia and is the only site that contains a comprehensive stratigraphy from the Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age, with settlements associated with the “Pfyn-Altheimer-Group”, the “Horgen Culture”, the Goldberg II-Group, and the Early Bronze Age. Organic materials here are exceptionally well preserved. The site is an important representative of settlements on peninsulas and islands in the lakes of Upper Swabia, and contains evidence of early copper metallurgy in the area.

Néolithique / Age du Bronze

3651-3650, 3265 et 3263 av. J.-C.

Lac du Schreckensee

569 m

Taille du site 1,1 ha / environ 2 terrains de foot

Taille du zone tampon 7 ha / environ 10 terrains de foot

Creuset en argile cuite, vers 3650 av. J.-C. © Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden Württemberg im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (LAD)

Activités en cours
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The archaeological deposits are covered and protected by layers of peat and lake sediments. The water level of the lake and the groundwater at the site is generally stable and ensures the continued preservation of the deposits. The site is monitored and regularly inspected by the Department of Antiquities and Monuments.

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A selection of objects can be visited at the Landesmuseum Württemberg:

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