Aus dem Seebett ragen die Pfähle der Pfahlbauten von San Sivino © Museo Civico Archeologico della Valtenesi

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The pile-dwelling settlement at San Sivino, also known as ‘del Gabbiano’, is currently submerged by the waters of Lake Garda and lies near the shore in the municipality of Manerba del Garda (province of Brescia). Originally, the piledwelling extended for about 150 meters along the shores of the lake. The discovery of the settlement was made in 1971by the diving club Tritone Sub Club of Desenzano. Based on the dendrochronological analysis conducted on the posts, all made from deciduous oak, two construction periods have been identified, with trees being felled at least 33 years apart.


2200 - 1300 v. Chr.


64 m.ü.N.N.

Größe Fundstelle 1,84 ha / ca. 3 Fussballfelder

Größe Pufferzone 3,46 ha / ca. 5 Fussballfelder

Armschutzplatten aus Stein © MiBACT

Aktuelle Aktivitäten
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The museum Museo Civico Archeologico dellaValtenesi, in collaboration with the Superintendence, is carrying out a complete survey of the posts and is responsible their sampling. At the site a buoy field and a UNESCO signare indicating the area of the submerged pile dwelling. Educational activities for students during the school year and for families on weekends and holidays are organised and managed by the museum.

Pfahlbauten hautnah
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The Museum of Manerba organises guided tours by boat around the promontory of the Rocca, with a short stop near the pile dwelling site.

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