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  Sevrier  |     Le Cret de Chatillon

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The site has the distinctive feature of being located on a shoal, 800 m from the current shore. The settlement area is about 180 m long and 50 m wide, currently under 4 m of water, and surrounded by 40 m depths. It was discovered in 1856, and was the subject of various interventions from 1970 to 2000. Current surveys show a dense occupation of the entire space, with an organization along two orthogonal axes. A picket fence follows the edge of the island. Erosion is a considerable danger, but recent studies show that the archaeological layers still remain protected.


Späte Bronzezeit 1100/1050 und 917-900 v. Chr.

Lac d'Annecy

443 m.ü.N.N.

Größe Fundstelle 1,07 ha / ca. 1-2 Fussballfelder

Größe Pufferzone 8,2 ha / ca. 11 Fussballfelder

Besonderheiten & Highlights
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Archaeological remains are few, due to heavy erosion, but in 1967 a logboat was discovered, and a set of thick fired clay fragments were spotted. These fragments were collected in 1974, and reassembledinto a structure with a diameter of 70 cm and a height of 50 cm. It is in two parts, has a perforated hearth at the base, and a chimney at the top. The interpretation as a pottery kiln has recently been called into question, with a functional hypothesis related to culinary uses.
During recent work, various objects have been discovered, like bronze knives, bracelets, spearhead, pendants and rings, as well as millstones and hammerstones. A remarkable point is the discovery of a dozen pebbles with peripheral grooves, which were only known from a very few examples in the Savoie lakes.

Der “Ofen von Sévrier” © Musée Château Annecy, É. Champelovier

Aktuelle Aktivitäten
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The 2015 and 2016 monitoring surveys rekindled interest in the site. Since then, topography campaigns have been carried out every year.

Pfahlbauten hautnah
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The kiln and a selection of artifacts are on exhibition at the Musée Château d'Annecy, in the rooms of the Regional Observatory of Alpine Lakes.

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